What it means to be a Christian

When God created human beings, He created us to enjoy and glorify Him!

When God created human beings, He created us to enjoy and glorify Him!

That means that we are designed to love and serve Him in all areas of life. Our deepest joy and happiness in life is found when we are in a proper relationship of love and obedience with God. Sadly, because of sin, our relationship with God has been broken. Now, it is in our nature to avoid God. Instead, we look for joy, happiness and meaning in other things: our job, our status, our money, in pleasure, or just about anything else. Unfortunately, these things will never deliver the joy that they promise, or the happiness we are created for.

Thankfully, God has intervened! When we were hopelessly lost, God sent his son Jesus into this world to make things right. Jesus lived the perfect life that we couldn’t live, and he died the death that we deserve.

The moment we recognize that there is nothing we can do to earn God’s love, and that we are helpless to fix ourselves, and instead, look to Jesus as the one who was obedient in our place is the moment we are made right with God. God loves us, and erases every one of our failures, shortcomings and our guilt, not because we deserve it, but because of what Jesus has done.

Because of this, we can once again enjoy the relationship with God that we are created for! We will find that our greatest joy and delight is in doing God’s will. We find pleasure in worshipping and glorifying God. The Bible assures us that when we believe in Jesus and turn from a life of sin, this life is ours. Embrace these promises!






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