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Morning Sermon Series

We live connected in a web of relationships — marriage, family, friends, church, colleagues — and in each of these relationships, we will experience conflict and even breakdown. What makes relationships so tough, and how can we experience renewal in our relationships? This summer, we’ll be digging into those questions, exploring how the gospel renews marriages, families, singleness, and friendship. Join us for this series and experience how God’s grace transforms our relationships!

June 17: What Makes Relationships So Tough?

July 1: Made for Community

July 8: Finding Meaning in Marriage

July 15: Finding Meaning In Marriage

July 22: The Purpose of Sex

July 29: The Joy of Sex

August 12: Parenting

August 19: Elevating Singleness

August 26: The Power of Friendship

Sunnyslope Christian Reformed Church’s sermons are expositional.  This means, we look at a few verses from the Bible each week and learn what they mean and how they apply to our lives today.  We usually go straight through an entire book of the Bible.