Growing in God’s Word

Growing in God’s Word is part our mission statement.

One of the primary ways we grow in God’s word is through weekly worship services. This page helps explain how we worship and what our services are like.


How We Worship

Our worship reflects the broad range of ages and backgrounds that make up our congregation. That means that we don’t define our worsihp by one particular style of music. Since our worship reflects the personality of our congregation, services vary. Some services have organ music, others piano or guitar. It is a joy for us to gather as a diverse body, worshipping together!

What our service is like

We understand worship to be a conversation between God and His people: God speaks to us in his word, and we respond to Him in prayer, singing, spoken word, and action. The particulars change from week to week — the music may be different, the kinds of prayer may change and other elements may vary, but the same basic outline remains the same.

Our services begin with a time of singing, as we joyfully enter God’s presence. We experience a time of renewal, as God reminds us of his grace, and his call to obey Him. God speaks to us through His word during the scripture reading and the sermon. Finally, we are dismissed to serve God in our daily life.






Office Hours

9 am – 2 pm Monday-Friday

Office & Church Location

197 Hrubetz Rd SE

Salem, Oregon 97302 US